Dr. Jenny Gordon’s life as a physician and mother should be satisfying, but something is missing, leaving her discontent. Dr. Mark Stewart’s childhood was perfect, until an unexpected event nearly destroyed his life. Chaplain Joseph Waters’ faith sustains him, but his relationship with God is unclear to him.

The three are thrown together after an earthquake strikes the hospital where they work. Strong and lasting friendships form, as they struggle to overcome their early troubles.

The trio’s quests for fulfillment lead them down an unexpected path. Follow their life stories to learn of their monumental discovery that changes the world.

Ecology commentary

“I learned of the plant world’s contribution to medicine during my pharmacology classes in medical school,” Judy said. “The medicine men of earlier societies observed that teas brewed from specific plants were therapeutic. And modern science proved them right.”

The destruction of the world’s rainforests is posed as a significant issue in the book for a good reason.

Judy believes that a treasure trove of tropical plants capable of benefitting mankind is being decimated before the native flora can be identified, cataloged and studied. Short-sighted economic gains keep conservationists from slowing the clearing of the rainforests. Through rampant deforestation, humans may actually be destroying the very materials needed to keep humanity alive.